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Winterizing a pool is the process of protecting a swimming pool and the equipment from cold and freezing weather. This includes chemical treatment and physical precautions. It marks the end of pool season. This is different from simply closing the pool, which is just adding a cover.

In regions where winters consist of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, equipment is turned off and water is removed from the lines. All accessories are removed from the pool, including ladders, baskets, hoses, filters, pumps, heaters, and pool fittings and stored in a dry place. It is important to have a professional pool service winterize the pool, since it being done incorrectly may have an impact on manufacturer and dealer warranties, and cold temperatures and excessive wind can cause surface cracks and lead to costly repairs.

Since freezing temperatures in Houston are infrequent or rare, nighttime temperatures during the months of November-March fall in the average range of 43°F-53°F. Houston gets an average of 10 nights a year when the temperature drops to freezing. This makes winterizing a swimming pool in Houston unnecessary or impractical.

What is important during the winter months in warmer regions, such as Houston, is keeping your pool maintained and serviced. This includes chemicals, leaf and dirt removal, filter cleaning, and equipment maintenance. Chlorine systems keep your pool clean and free from algae. The formation of algae can cause bacteria to breed. If you keep your pool professionally maintained during the winter months, this problem will be avoided and your start-up service will be less extensive when the swimming season begins.

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